The Leading Hybrid Cloud Provider Earns a Spot in the top 15% of the Channel Futures MSP 501 List
ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Otava, a global leader in custom and compliant hybrid cloud solutions, today announced that it has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers in the prestigious 2022 Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. Otava ranked 74th on this year’s list, putting the company in the top 15% of the MSP 501 in 2022.
Otava has been selected as one of the technology industry’s top-performing providers of managed services by the editors of Channel Futures. For the past 16 years, managed service providers (MSPs) from around the globe have submitted applications to be included on this prestigious and definitive listing. The Channel Futures MSP 501 survey examines organizational performance based on annual sales, recurring revenue, profit margins, revenue mix, growth opportunities, innovation, technology solutions supported, and company and customer demographics.
MSPs that qualify for the list must pass a rigorous review conducted by the research team and editors of Channel Futures. It ranks applicants using a unique methodology that weighs financial performance according to long-term health and viability, commitment to recurring revenue and operational efficiency.
“Channel futures is a great organization with incredible resources that is truly helping the partner community thrive.  It is a real honor to be included in the Channel Futures MSP 501 list again this year and I would like to thank everyone one involved in keeping us there,” said Brad Cheedle, Otava CEO.
“We are very committed to being the go-to partner for world-class cloud and data protection solutions across the globe. The community at large can continue to count on us to invest extensively in our people and technology to ensure we have the right stuff to make a difference for their organizations. Otava has made a commitment to be all in when it comes to channel enablement, and this distinction from Channel Futures is validation that we are on the right track.”
Otava is an industry-leading compliant hybrid cloud provider with locations around the world. Its portfolio is designed to provide a clear path to hybridity for companies navigating the cloud native landscape. Otava’s cloud platform delivers simplicity, transparency, and flexibility with a range of management and infrastructure levels to accommodate unique needs. Each cloud solution is supported by fully integrated services such as backup, security, and disaster recovery that can connect to public cloud or on-premise environments.
This year’s list once again attracted a record number of applicants, making it one of the most competitive in the survey’s history. Winners are being recognized on the Channel Futures website and will be honored at a special ceremony at the Channel Futures MSP Summit + Channel Partners Leadership Summit, Sept. 13-16, in Orlando, Florida.
Since its inception, the MSP 501 has evolved from a competitive ranking into a vibrant group of innovators focused on high levels of customer satisfaction at small, medium and large organizations in public and private sectors. Today, many of their services and technology offerings focus on growing customer needs in the areas of cloud, security, collaboration and support of hybrid work forces.
“The 2022 Channel Futures MSP 501 winners are the highest-performing and most innovative IT providers in the industry today,” said Allison Francis, senior news editor for Channel Futures. “The 501 has truly evolved with the MSP market, as showcased by this year’s crop of winners. This is also the fifth consecutive year of application pool growth, making this year’s list one of the best on record.”
“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 2022 winners, and gratitude to the thousands of MSPs that have contributed to the continuing growth and success of the managed services sector,” said Kelly Danziger, general manager of Informa Tech Channels. “These providers are most certainly driving a new wave of innovation in the industry and are demonstrating a commitment to moving the MSP and entire channel forward.”
The complete 2022 MSP 501 list will be available on Channel Futures’ website on Monday, June 20th.
About Otava
Founded in 1994, Otava is a cloud solutions provider on a mission to make hybrid cloud hosting easy for service providers, public sector clients and enterprise organizations. Its portfolio of flexible and compliant solutions includes hybrid private and shared cloud hosting, colocation, data protection, backup and security offerings. Otava’s high-touch, consultative team works closely with clients to deliver exceptional results every time.
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