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NZXT High-performance Thermal PasteNZXT High-performance Thermal Paste
PC builders may be interested to know that premium PC component manufacturer NZXT has this week launched their new high-performance thermal paste. Making it available to purchase in a 3g syringe priced at $10 and a 15g syringe priced at $20.
The thermal paste features a thermal conductivity of 6.3 W/m-k and is advertised as non-conductive and non-curing to prevent electrical shorts and simplify installation. The listed materials include Zinc oxide, Liquid polymer, and Aluminum while the viscosity is specified as 35~220*10³ mPa.s and specific gravity as 3.5 g/cc. to learn more about the new PC processor paste check out the overview video below published by NZXT.

Watch this video on YouTube.

“Get thermal conductivity, easy application, and long-term stability all in a pea-sized drop. NZXT High-performance paste combines thermal conductivity, easy application, and long-term stability to ensure maximum heat transfer when cooling any build. Excellent thermal conductivity performance, Non-electrically conductive and non-curing which prevents short-circuiting, Easy to apply and clean, Versatile uses (CPU, GPU) and Long life span (Shelf life 3 years).”
For more information on he transfer, long-term stability, availability and performance, as well as checking out all the other PC components, accessories and peripherals created by NZXT.  Jump over to the official website by following the link below.
Source : NZXT

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