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Zepp Health is currently running a global online “hackathon” for the newly launched Zepp Development Platform. The competition is due to conclude on August 31st.
The latest iteration of the Zepp operating system was introduced late last year. A number of watches starting with the GT 3 line already run the software.
Mainly designed for health and activity tracking, the operating system is one tenth the size of the previous version. This is because it is based on the lightweight RTOS (Real Time Operating System). 
Another improvement is that the software is open to third party developers. They can tap into the platform to create their own apps. Zepp Health has opened a Mini Program framework for this purpose.
In order to stimulate interest from developers, Zepp Health has invited developers to participate in an international “hackathon”. It opened up at the start of June and is due to conclude at the end of next month.
Anyone can participate, but they do need to have some basic programming knowledge. You can brush up on the Zepp OS documentation on this link.
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For those interested, the first step is to register their developer’s profile – if they have not already done so. This can be done on
The winners of the competition will be selected in September based on two different criteria. This includes:
Each member of a winning team will be rewarded with one of the latest Amazfit watch models for four consecutive years – starting with 2022. This will include the GT 4 line which we are expecting to launch later this year. Some of these devices have already hit the FCC.
It is worth noting – the winners will only continue to qualify for prizes in 2023, 2024 and 2025 by uploading new apps, watch-faces or tools in the Zepp App Store. Which means they won’t be able to rest on their laurels if they want to snag further free watches.
For the rest of the pack, there will be a participation award. Anyone who successfullly submits a working app will receive a Thank-You e-gift towards purchasing Zepp Health products in 2022.
Amazfit watches offer good value for money and a healthy set of features. The new Zepp OS takes their ability to another level. But as this is a new platform, the choice of software is rather limited at the moment. Hopefully, this competition will increase the range of apps users can install on their watches in the coming months.
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