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Some Fitbit Charge 5 users have noticed the device on their wrist keeps losing Bluetooth connection. The company says it is aware of the problem and is actively working on a fix.
As spotted by 9to5Google, the issue was first reported in early April on Fitbit Community forums. It doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem, but there are still some people that are seeing this happening.
“Bought Charge 5 ten days ago. Have Bluetooth connected and then immediately not connected on my iPhone. Shall I return it to the shop? Looks like this is common problem,” one users says.
“Mine’s the same. Spent a frustrating few days back and forth with Customer Services who asked me to send a video of it happening. Did this and they then said they would escalate it,” another one adds.
To us, this sounds like it may be a hardware problem affecting some devices rather than a software glitch. Particularly as the company has not issued any major firmware upgrades for Fitbit Charge 5 in recent months.
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We’ve done a detailed guide a while back on what to do if you are experiencing Bluetooth connection and sync issues. The steps boil down to a few things.
At the outset, you should restart both your fitness band and smartphone. This is the go-to solution when seeing any sort of technical issue.
Open up the Fitbit app and if it is not syncing automatically, attempt to do a manual sync. Also check the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. Is it turned on and is Charge 5 paired to your phone?
Try toggling Bluetooth on your phone off and then back on. Open up the Fitbit app and see if the issue has been resolved. You could also try syncing to a different phone, tablet or computer.
A more drastic step is to remove all devices from your Fitbit account and the list of connected Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone. And then do a pairing as if it was a new Charge 5. As an added measure, you could even factory reset your Fitbit.
If you’ve tried all of this and are still seeing the bug, the best course of action is to communicate with the Fitbit Customer Support team for further instructions. As mentioned, they have acknowledged the problem and are currently working on a solution. Having said that, it is a bit strange that some two months after the issue was first reported, there is no software update with the fix.
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