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9:59 am June 20, 2022 By
This month the EuroHPC has announced five new world-class supercomputer sites which will be co-funded by the EuroHPC JU with a budget stemming from the Digital Europe Programme (DEP), Horizon Europe (HE), and by contributions from relevant participating states.
The JU will co-fund up to 50% of the total cost of the high-end supercomputer and up to 35% of the total cost of the mid-range supercomputers. The exact funding arrangements for the new supercomputers will be reflected in hosting agreements that will be signed soon. The supercomputer names and locations are listed below :
– JUPITER hosted by Jülich Supercomputing Centre in Germany
– DAEDALUS hosted by the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) in Greece
– LEVENTE hosted by the Governmental Agency for IT Development (KIFU) in Hungary
– CASPIr hosted by the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) in Ireland
– EHPCPL hosted by the Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH (CYFRONET) in Poland
“Just as the existing EuroHPC supercomputers, these new systems will be available to serve a wide range of European users, no matter where in Europe they are located, in the scientific community, as well as industry, and the public sector. They will power new applications in a wide range of areas, from designing medicines and new materials to fighting climate change; they will advance science and boost the innovation potential of enterprises while ultimately improving the citizens’ quality of life.”
“In order to equip Europe with a world-leading supercomputing infrastructure, the EuroHPC JU has already procured seven supercomputers, located across Europe. Five supercomputers are now fully operational and ranked among the world’s most powerful supercomputers: LUMI in Finland, Vega Slovenia, MeluXina in Luxembourg, Discoverer in Bulgaria and Karolina in the Czech Republic. Another three more supercomputers are also underway: LEONARDO in Italy, Deucalion in Portugal and MareNostrum 5 in Spain.”
Source : EuroHPC

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