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Apple might add some significant updates to the entry-level iPad this year. As per information accessed by the 9To5Mac, the successor of the iPad (9th Gen), the iPad (10th Gen) will feature a Type-C port, which can be found on all the other models, including the latest iPad Mini, iPad Air and the iPad Pro. What does this mean for iPad users? Well, the owners of the most affordable iPad will be able to connect their device with external displays via the Type-C port which will help in multitasking. Additionally, Type-C supports faster data transfer rates and charging speeds. 
As of now, the Apple iPad (9th Gen) comes with the A13 Bionic, the chipset that was launched with iPhone 11 in 2019. As per the report, Apple could equip the upcoming iPad (10th Gen) with the newer A14 Bionic, the chipset that powers last year’s iPad Air and Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup. In comparison, the A14 Bionic is about 30% more powerful than the A13 Bionic. Additionally, since the A14 Bionic supports 5G networks, Apple might add support to the iPad’s cellular models. 
While the current iPad (9th Gen) has a 10.2-inch LCD display, Apple is expected to upgrade it with a 10.5-inch or 10.9-inch Retina display found on the iPad Air. However, the report also mentions that higher brightness and support for a wider colour space will still be available on models like iPad Air and iPad Pro. That is the extent of information available on the upcoming iPad (10th Gen). However, it can be speculated that as Apple fits a new display and a Type-C in the iPad (10th Gen), it might change the overall design of the device as well.
Although the report does not contain any information about the release date of the iPad (10th Gen), the device might come out in September this year. In 2019, Appl released the iPad (7th Gen), followed by the release of the iPad (8th Gen) in 2020 and iPad (9th Gen) in 2021. Based on that, there is a possibility that Apple might reveal the successor to its entry-level iPad this year, possibly at the event during which it releases iPhone 14.


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