FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (PRWEB) June 16, 2022
OMG National, a leading provider of Local Marketing Technology services for small businesses, has announced the release of its all-new online client application, OMGinSite®. Developed in house, the platform brings OMG’s clients a new level of transparency, multi-channel campaign intelligence, and simplified communication with their Marketing Specialist.
“Speaking to our clients over the years, they inevitably want to know two things, what did you do for me this month and where can I see the results? It’s these questions that our new application answers so well,” said Jesse Lubar, CEO at OMG National
What does OMGinSite do? Over the past 12-years OMG National has developed its own marketing technology, including the comprehensive platform, UNI, which runs OMG’s operations, from sales, to service, reporting, fulfillment, work tracking, billing, and more. InSite brings the client in, with a new display layer including detailed Proof of Work and Proof of Performance information.
“OMGinSite® was the logical step forward. We have built transformative systems to set the company up for scale, yet our clients were unable to easily access the impact KPI’s and feel comfortable in the behind the scenes work. InSite solves this by refining it into one dash. We’re psyched to bring our clients inside, and have made it easy to check in,” added CIO Josh Early
The development roadmap for OMGinSite includes additional utilities which the company feels are paramount to small business success. OMG’s Chief Product Officer, Corain Cash added, “Our plans are ambitious and the platform will continue to evolve, adding new and intelligent functionality. We envision our clients logging in, checking out their new leads, looking in on the competition, and getting deeper insight into their vertical from a marketing standpoint.”
About OMG National
Based in South Florida, established in 1990, OMG National is a leading Internet Marketing Solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses. With a keen focus in home services, professional services, real estate, and towing/automotive, OMG actively serves more than 3,000 clients and growing, helping them to acquire and maintain more new customers. The OMG team includes 120 U.S. based employees working in a decentralized environment. This enables the company to develop new talent and acquire new alliances, in markets across the country. OMG is a leader in several key areas, including the new Google Local Services Ads platform, where the company has pioneered an ad management methodology, becoming a trusted onboarding partner to Google and its new and unique ad inventory.
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