If the kitchen is your happy place, then you might be looking for the next hot cooking gadget – and we have quite the list.

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How many times did you look up a recipe or cooking tip, only to realize you needed a better food processor, or toaster, or even wooden spoon? This happens to most of us when spending time trying to decide what kinds of cooking utensils or machines will actually help our culinary creations.
Even some of the best cooks don’t want to purchase something that will just end up disappointing, not working, or end up cluttering the shelves or pantry.
What about that gadget that will save you from spending money on your latest foodie obsession? According to the database company Statista, Americans will spend over $18 billion dollars on kitchen gadgets by the end of 2022.
What are your favorite kitchen gadgets and appliances? Which ones are just fun to use?
In a time where the pandemic has us looking for the easiest and most effective ways of doing things, we talk with kitchen gadget experts who tell us what modern miracles make meal prep a dream. We also take calls from listeners who want to know which of their old-fashioned appliances need to be upgraded.
Lisa McManus, Hannah Crowley
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