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12:12 pm June 13, 2022 By
grounded gamegrounded game
Obsidian and Microsoft have released a new trailer for the upcoming Grounded game which will be exiting Game Preview in Septerber 2022 and allows you to play out a storyline inspired by movies such as Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Although it has no connection with that franchise. The full release will include all 12 updates already released during Game Preview and Early Access development, but now players will be able to unravel the entire mysterious story behind Grounded. Check out the new trailer below to learn more about what you can expect to encounter this September.
“The full release, Version 1.0, will also open an entirely new part of the Grounded world — the upper yard. This new section includes a ton more of the backyard to explore along with new armor recipes, new weapon recipes, and some secrets that we just can’t bring ourselves to spoil for you all. Nah, we will spoil something! The Mantis, an insect consistently requested by our incredible community. Finding its way into the yard as a new boss, it may be players’ undoing.”
“Grounded is preparing to leave Game Preview this September as it launches its full release. Find out how the teens got into the yard and the mad scientist behind it in the fully playable campaign – all of which can be experienced alone or with a group of friends! New armor recipes, new weapon recipes, and the giant Mantis await players in this upcoming update. We at Obsidian have enjoyed watching over 10 million players survive in the backyard for nearly two years now.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Grounded players have encountered enemies such as annoying mosquitos, diving bell spiders who really do live in the water, and deadly bosses such as the glorious Broodmother. They’ve crafted armor set after armor set to keep improving their survivability, customized their weapons to fit their play style, and used their base-building skills to defend against the swarms of bugs tired of the players’ antics. These achievements have been remarkable, and all that playtime has led to some incredible community feedback which will make Grounded’s official release this September that much better.”

Source : : Microsoft

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