Google is offering credits for Google Cloud and the Google Store to voice app developers affected by the upcoming end of Conversational Actions next year. The credits implicitly recognize that not all Google Action developers will be able to reframe their voice apps around the App Actions for Android as Google has urged.
The note to developers acknowledges that there is some confusion among the developer community and explicitly mentions how Google wants the future to be one “where Google Assistant and Android continue to be better together.” The note suggests connecting news content to Google Assistant’s News briefing through an RSS before turning to the matter of those whose voice apps don’t fit in the new vision set forth by Google. The company thanks the developers “who have invested in a specific integration path” and contributed to Actions on Google offers two $200 vouchers for cloud credits and two $600 codes for the Google Store, both of which expire by Devember 13 and are assigned to companies. Google is also hosting a meeting for developers to ask questions of the Assistant team, with invites to follow. You can see the full note below

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