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24th January 2022 – Author: Katie Baker
WTW has has appointed Lou Smith to the company’s Insurance Consulting and Technology business, where she will lead the unit’s Commercial Lines data strategy and expand its digital trading capability.
Smith most recently served as the first Chief Digital Officer at Lloyd’s of London, holding the responsibility for shaping and delivering the organisation’s digital future and strategy for a data-enabled, digital insurance marketplace.
Prior to Lloyd’s, Smith spent eight years at RBS, where she was involved with the digitisation of the bank’s personal and business banking, partnering with the FinTech community to accelerate change.
Tasha Pettet, Director, Digital Underwriting, Insurance Consulting and Technology at WTW said: “WTW has an established track record of leading the market through digital change in pricing and underwriting.
“There has been a marked increase in the pace and appetite of digitalisation throughout the Commercial Lines insurance market during the pandemic, with digital trading becoming the top priority on our clients’ agenda.

“I am delighted that Lou has joined WTW at this exciting stage of our development.”
Smith added: “It is an exciting time to join WTW and continue the shift to digital trading across the market.
“Our investments in broking technology and risk and analytics will help the industry learn from experience and move digital adoption forward for the good of all stakeholders.”
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